Multidimensional Professionals

What is a Multidimensional Professional?

In the day-to-day work of "adulting," we often don't focus on the multiple dimensions of our lives. We hustle from here to there, balancing meetings, appointments, and other responsibilities. But for just a moment, stop. Reflect on the many dimensions of your life. How many hats do you wear? How often are you changing up those hats?

Think of the colleagues you collaborate with or that neighbor in the office next door. Have you ever thought about the fascinating, many facets of your life and those around you, and what those multiple dimensions add to your workplace? We explore those dimensions in a column titled "Multidimensional Professionals." In this column, we'll learn about each other and all the many perspectives and experiences we bring to our UA teams.

Nominate a Multidimensional Professional

With that in mind, we invite you to nominate yourself or a fellow employee to be spotlighted for our monthly Multidimensional Professionals series.

Help us celebrate and share the diversity of our multidimensional professionals and their commitment to the University of Arizona.

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