History of Staff Shared Governance


Recognition of AAUP (American Association of University Professors) increased in the mid-1970's to early 1980's, with faculty shared governance emerging as a more fully recognized higher education management concept. Staff voice and input was also needed.

The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) was formed in 1984 to represent Classified Staff at the University of Arizona. SAC became the Classified Staff Council (CSC) in 2016.

The Appointed Personnel Organization Council (APOC) was chartered in 1992 under President Manuel Pacheco to represent Appointed Professionals.  At the time, appointed personnel had no organization and no means of representation within the University administration. The original organizing committee was led by Tim Jull, and the team created a proposal to form the council. APOC was created to provide representation, allowing Appointed Professionals to have a voice within the University's administration. In 2006, APOC was renamed the Appointed Professionals Advisory Council (APAC). The formation of APAC paved the way for Appointed Professionals to participate in Shared Governance, the approach to governance endorsed by The University of Arizona administration.

In 2019 the University Career Architecture Project (UCAP) reviewed jobs on campus to make a more equitable structure guided by the chairs of both CSC and APAC.

CSC and APAC combined in 2020-2021 to become UArizona Staff Council (UASC).